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6O5A7009a comes in bunches made up of white stalks and large, dark green leaves. Though it looks a bit like celery, it is actually a member of the cabbage family. The flavour is mostly mild, with a little bit of a tangy bite.


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6O5A7013a are a small garden variety of the tomato family which ranges in size from a 5 cent piece to a golf ball. They are similar to regular and truss tomatoes in they are a vibrant red and round in shape, but unlike their larger counterparts cherry tomatoes are quite sweet.


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6O5A7016a are tomatoes that are left on the vine to ripen, this means the flesh is much tastier and they are full of nutrients. This is compared with other tomaotes that are picked before they ripen entirely.


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Green beans are also known as French beans or Round beans. They have a tender texture and a bright, fresh flavour. Green beans can be baked, boiled, steamed and added to casseroles and soups.


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Continental parsley has a fresh, mild flavour that will complement almost any dish. It can be added to any recipe or lay alongside as a garnish.


Also known as screwpine, this leaves are full with fragrant aroma. Used to add flavour while cooking and baking.


Mint is a popular and well-loved herb that complements both sweet and savoury dishes. It should be added at the end of cooking to keep it from turning bitter